Learning and Planning my Virtual Classes

We just started our Spring Break and still have almost two weeks to start with my virtual teaching but I have to say it is difficult to relax knowing that so many colleagues are in distress looking for ways to communicate remotely with their students. I want to be there for them and especially for you who are reading this post.

At our school we have been provided with support to explore different ways to approach this challenge. We were enrolled in an online class with GOA (Global Online Academy) and I joined three Facebook groups to learn about what other colleagues are doing. What has resonated with me after all the multiple advices and kind sharing of ideas is that we need to start simple. We cannot overwhelm our students with the anxiety we have but give them a sense of calm that a simple routine can bring.


At the Lower School we use Seesaw and this is a platform that not only our students but their parents are familiar with. I think that would be the way I would address my communications and assignments. If you haven’t used this platform and you teach the little ones, I highly recommend it!

I have to acknowledge that with Pre-K, Jr. K, and K I have not used the “activities” section much. That is why I started exploring how I could review one song all my kids knew already. This is what I came up with:

Click on the picture to see the video. The instructions are updated on the Seesaw post.

I contributed this activity to the Seesaw library and you can find it using this link or searching the title “Dos manitas – Two little hands”. The Seesaw library is a treasure waiting for you to explore it. Many teachers have contributed activities for different subjects and about different themes that you can assign and adapt for your students. I will be contributing more.

Another resource my third to fifth graders are familiar with is Edpuzzle. This is a list of some Edpuzzles I have created or adapted with the free version. I hope you get as excited with this tool as my students and I are. My school is considering going for the Pro version.

Another tool my students and their families are familiar with is my webmixes. These are collections of links to websites to learn and practice Spanish. I put them together years ago and every year I try my best to check if all the links are still working. Some might not but I hope you can find some that you can use. Please let me know which ones are not working or if you have suggestions of other websites I could add.

Anaranjado: websites with games for kids learning Spanish.
Verde: apps you can download to your smartphone or iPad.
Azul: websites for children with an advanced knowledge of Spanish.
Blanco: websites for parents to learn Spanish
Pink: Videos for pre-schoolers
Light green: Video series for elementary students
Blue: Trailers
Yellow: websites with interactive activities and games
Turquoise: Websites for Spanish speakers

I will keep adding more activities in another post and I will be very happy to help you if you have any questions about the resources, how to use them, or how to create activities with them.

Happy Remote Teaching!


3 thoughts on “Learning and Planning my Virtual Classes

  1. I LOVVVEEE the webmixes! How can I copy exactly what you have and send these to the parents? Do I have to create my own?

    Thank you!!


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