Greta Thunberg No hay activista pequeño.

I cannot believe it has been a year I just read about this amazing girl and all she has done for all of us in such a short time. I was so lucky to see her when she came to talk to the UN and I could see for myself what a big responsibility and sacrifice she has been putting on her shoulders.

30 de agosto de 2019

I created a story last year to introduce her to my students and I am happy many more students got to meet her because of this story. Because of teachers of other languages were interested in having a version they could use, two teachers translated it for me in French and German, and I translated it into English. You can find all the versions available in my Youtube channel and the ebooks in Spanish and English in the links below.

Along with the book came an “Action Drive” we ran at my school last year. Our school community was invited to collect actions for the Earth taking selfies/photos based on a series of small actions we could and needed to do more of, and label them in as many World Languages as they could. The response from everybody was amazing, and encouraged a lot of writing in different languages. You can see pictures from students, faculty, and our community in general below.

I transformed the Action Drive into a Seesaw activity I hope can help us think of the Earth on Earth Day and on. Click on the picture to add the activity to your library.

All my admiration and gratitude to Greta Thunberg💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Los Koalas, animales en peligro de extinción

My second graders had finished studying about Koalas before our Spring break and that would be the first thing I would like them to review on our first week back right after they get to see me greeting them in a video and wishing I could also see them all.

We will start Distance Learning next week and we will see how our plan works and the modifications we would need to incorporate. I am planning a Seesaw activity for each one of my classes for them to access asynchronously. I teach Pre-K to fifth grade and I am a little nervous but excited at the same time to be back and figure out what our new adventure brings. One thing I know is that once the Seesaw activities are ready in my account and in the library, I can decide when I want to use them and that gives me some peace of mind.

Click on the link to access the activity and add it to your classes. Please let me know how it works for you.

New Seesaw activities contributed to the library

Although I still have one more week for my Spring Break to go, I am planning for my online classes and hope the activities I added to the Seesaw library can help lessen your workload, somehow.

For most activities, I created a video for my students to watch as input and in preparation for the task. I am sharing the link to the video on the picture and the link to the activity on the caption. The video is included into the Seesaw activity, too. The calendar activity will be updated every month in case you are interested in trying it regularly.


Seesaw activity link

Las estaciones

Seesaw activity link

El clima

Seesaw activity link

La temperatura

Seesaw activity link

La hora

Seesaw activity link

El reporte del clima

Seesaw activity link

Please let me know if you try the activities and how they work. All the best in our remote teaching journey!