Stories in Google Forms

Thanks to the wonderful posts about how to use Google Forms in different ways by La Maestra Loca and CI Liftoff, I was inspired to give them a try and use them to deliver input out of the stories I asked my former fifth graders about their classmates’ cards.

I call this collection : De Problemas y Soluciones Inesperadas. I will be using these forms as a kind of independent reading that I plan for my new fifth graders to access them either in our face-to-face or virtual classes.

Each form contains a story, its glossary, reading comprehension questions, a Jam to illustrate the story, and a link to Vocaroo to respond to the story.

The stories are classified into the following categories which organically developed as we talked about each student. I will be feeding the categories as I finish working on each story. Click on the title of the story to make a copy.Please let me know how you find them and what you would like me to add/change. I hope you can use them with your students, too.

1. En la clase

Los Pinceles de Bob Ross

Una Coreografía Mágica

2. Videojuegos

3. Súper Poderes

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