En Casa con Estilo – A Remote Fashion Show

 This is my plan to end our school year remotely taking advantage of having my students at home so that they can go over their clothes to play and learn at the same time.

My plan (Make it yours) I have done this activity in the classroom as part of planning our trips to Spanish-speaking countries and choosing what we would wear. Since we are at home, I thought my students would like to show off their Home Style.

These are just some ideas of what I want to do with my new TPT product that comes in Seesaw, PearDeck, and Google Slide versions.

  1. Introduce the activity: Use the PearDeck Presentation to teach the lesson. I love the interactivity it promotes among my students. Have your students join the presentation and show the title on the first slide . Then, explain that they will participate in a Fashion Show called “En Casa con Estilo” – “At Home with Style”. They will learn how to describe the outfit they would like to wear making sure they select five or more items from the vocabulary you will present. We do not have much time for accessories but I would encourage my students to share other items at the end of the class if time permits.
  1. Clothing Scavenger Hunt: This is how our students will learn the vocabulary. Divide your class into two or three groups. Tell your students you will tell them to bring one of the items you will display on your screen. Once they bring the item, they need to type the item and its color into the interactive slide. They are organized in a way students can find the patterns that make all words “match”. Not all the students need to type the same or look for the items, they can divide and conquer: one student can bring the item while another student types. Read their answers as you point to the items and the colors in your screen.
  1. Matching: Students need to type in the drawing slide the number for each one of  the items we presented. This could be an opportunity for teams to interact over Zoom chat or breakout rooms. I apologize I do not have much experience using another platform.
  1. Stop!: Students are to use the drawing slide to type the proper form of the colors to match the items on the top. The first one to finish has to shout out “¡PAREN!” and you need to block responses at that time. Then, display the responses and make sure nobody starts working on the next row. Students can go back to check on the previous slides to complete this part but it would take their team more time to finish. This can encourage more attention to the patterns.
  1. Independent work: Assign your students to complete the Deck independently. I set up the activity on Seesaw which is the platform my students are more familiar with and I would assign them to work on it, instead. If you use Google Classroom, you can share the Google Slide Presentation. The last section is for your students to choose an outfit to wear, wear it, and get a picture taken. They need to upload and label the picture. Then, they need to record themselves reading the description. That would be preparation for our next lesson which would be our Fashion Show rehearsal.
  1. Rehearsal: Ask your students for ideas on the set up. We need to think of what music we will be using, who is controlling the sound, what order they would model, when to read/describe their outfits. I am planning to use the Spotlight option of Zoom.

7. Fashion Show: If you dare, ask your students to invite their parents to 

watch the fashion show or post the video in their platform for them   to watch it later.

I would love to hear from your experience using this product. Please remember to subscribe to my blog for notifications on my new posts and products.

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