Scavenger Hunt using Zoom breakout rooms, Seesaw, and Pear Deck

Today was my second day running a Scavenger Hunt with my fourth graders using Zoom, Seesaw, and Pear Deck and it was really FUN!!!

We had been talking and comparing schedules to schools in the Spanish-speaking countries and before going on our Spring Break we had scheduled to have a Scavenger Hunt around our school. Since things did not work out because many students traveled or were sick, I had to make it happen in a new format under our remote learning platform.

In our regular Scavenger Hunt, students were grouped into teams, assigned a chaperone, and given one iPad and a handout with the clues. They had to solve all the clues taking pictures and uploading them into Seesaw within 30 minutes. There was a lot of running and teamwork involved and the chaperones could not keep up with their teams sometimes. Not even our P.E. teacher volunteer. Before leaving my classroom, I would give groups an iPad with the timer set up for thirty minutes to solve ten clues.

For our virtual Scavenger Hunt, I doubled the clues, keep the same time, and invited chaperones to accompany each group in their breakout rooms. The handout with clues was replaced by a Deck with fifteen questions, and 5 photos to upload in Seesaw. When my students joined me, I explained how they were grouped, who their chaperone was going to be, and how to access the Deck. Yesterday, I told my class to type in their browser, and then the code. Today, I posted the link and the password in a Seesaw message under their Student Journal and it seemed to work better.

Assigning students into their breakout rooms was very easy and having the chance to move across rooms and answer questions was very convenient. I loved how I could broadcast a message in Zoom announcing how much time they had left, and checking how far they were on their decks in the Pear Deck dashboard.

It was truly an amazing experience for me and my students and their chaperones seemed to like it, too.

I contributed this deck to the Pear Deck community and hope you can use it and have fun with your classes!

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